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Level Your Sterilizer

Most autoclaves are designed to work with a specific volume of water. The water pours into the chamber, and when it reaches a certain level it will hit a sensor probe turning the flow of water off. Naturally the volume of water directly relates to the volume of steam created and subsequent pressure. Pressure (in addition to heat) is how an autoclave sterilizes.

As the volume of water is generally controlled by the water reaching a certain depth within the sterilization chamber, it is important that the sterilizer be level to operate correctly.

However, some sterilizers (notably most Tuttnauer autoclaves) must be angled to allow the correct volume of water in. Check you owner’s manual and make sure your sterilizer is at the correct angle (whether that is flat, or tilted).

If you’re having trouble with overheating, or loads that are still wet after the cycle is complete, too little or too much water could be to blame. Something as simple as changing the angle of your sterilizer could correct the problem.

Subscribers can reach out to us with their specific make and model for further details and instructions on how to make certain your sterilizer is set up correctly.


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