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Rick Zieska worked for over 28 years in the dental industry providing remote technical support to over a hundred thousand customers throughout that time helping them avoid tens of thousands of service calls and preventing countless hours of down time.

During this tenure I acquired extensive knowledge of dental equipment and all the regulations which govern it. In particular I witnessed the advent of the OSHA bloodborne pathogens standard which brought a new level of infection control regulations to dental practices. As it involved a wide range of products that were new to healthcare, I gained a deep understanding of this standard.


I served on the ISO committee that re-wrote international standard 11143 governing amalgam separators to be used in dental offices.

I also served for over 20 years as the official FDA correspondent for 2 different International manufacturers and a domestic dental distributor. This experience provided extensive knowledge of FDA regulations and device classifications.

I have lectured locally and internationally on dental equipment repair and maintenance as well as regulatory concerns.

Posting on Dentaltown for over 12 years under the screen name "Techguru" I have gathered hundreds of followers and gained further notoriety as an expert in dental equipment, instrumentation and regulations. I am well-recognized as an honest source of unbiased information and helpful insight. I also serve on the editorial staff of Dentaltown magazine.

I hope you find my site helpful and informative and that it helps you and your staff avoid down time and reduce service calls.

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