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We Need More Power!

Lots of your equipment is powered by electricity. If you’re frequently experiencing issues with your compressor, vacuum, or sterilizer, you may need to make certain power is being correctly supplied.

Most larger pieces of equipment, such as your central vacuum, compressor, and sterilizer pull a lot of amperage. That is, they use a lot of electricity. In order to keep them functioning well, it’s important to have these things (and other high amperage devices) on their own dedicated circuit. Sharing power with other items in the office can lead to these devices turning off at inopportune moments. You need to be sure you can rely on these items and keep them functioning well. Poor power supply can lead to long term issues of other sorts as well. Steady proper power supply keeps the delicate circuits of your equipment functioning properly.

If you notice equipment failures around the same time of day, that’s a good sign you may not have circuits dedicated as required. “Oh, the compressor fails every time we turn on the coffee pot?” Automatic sterilizers can be particularly vulnerable to power fluctuations but all of your high amperage equipment should be on dedicated circuits.

Many times I've encountered problems with sterilizers that can be tied to other items in the office robbing it of electricity. Many office layouts have the break room near the sterilization area so the use of kitchen appliances (such as microwave ovens or coffee pots) will interfere if the sterilizer isn't on a dedicated circuit.

If you are experiencing repeated issues with a particular piece of equipment that uses electricity. Take a little time to confirm it is on a dedicated circuit.

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