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Water in the air lines

Some time ago I posted an image of an exhaust collection jar. The image was taken from the video (below). This video shows water dripping out of the jar underneath the unit.

As this jar is connected to the handpiece exhaust air line, only air should be entering it. A steady drip of water is a clear indication that there is water in the air line. I was able to help the subscriber who sent me this video determine the source of the cross-over and fix the problem.

There are a wide range of possible causes for water in the air line, I cover the majority of them in this blog post:

If you have a collection jar like this and see water dripping out of it, or if you have water dripping out the bottom of the unit, you likely have water in your air line.

Subscribers can reach out to me for personalized assistance in solving this pesky problem.


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