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Scouring Pads

In addition to cleaning dishes in the break room, scouring pads can be a great thing to have in your tool box.

Scouring pads come in pre-fabricated rounds from various lab suppliers and can be effective for finishing and polishing various thermal-formed appliances. Abrasive pads can be used on everything from athletic mouth guards to orthodontic retainers. Both soft and rigid materials can be refined using this method.

Of course, there are other uses for abrasives too. It’s not unusual for various electrical components to become corroded. A few swipes with an abrasive pad is often all it takes to remove the corrosion and restore function to an electrical device. The various sensors in a sterilizer are prime examples of this. The water quality sensor in a Statim or the water level sensor used in a number of autoclaves will all work better if you regularly check them and keep them clean with an abrasive pad.

Cleaning is a big part of maintenance, having the correct implement can help you keep things clean so they work better.


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