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Quick Tip to Keep Your Lines Clean

Updated: May 3, 2022

I previously posted about vacuum line cleaners and the importance of using one that is safe for your amalgam separator. There is more you can (and should) do to keep your lines clear, however.

Another thing you can do to supplement line cleaners and to keep your vacuum lines clean is to simply flush with copious amounts of water after each procedure. At least once a day, also send water down the lines in "slugs" by vacuuming up a large volume and then just keeping the vacuum valve open to draw in air. Repeat this cycle a few times. The bolus of water created will help batter debris and keep the lines clear.

The density of water can make it effective at clearing out your vacuum lines

It can also be helpful if the water is HOT. You don't want it boiling, but get it as hot as you can get out of your tap. Extremely hot water can also help break down debris in the lines and keep them clear. Putting a tea kettle on and getting it close to a boil can provide high-temperature water which can be effective at unclogging plugged vacuum lines.

There are a lot of great cleaners with fantastic chemical formulae to keep your lines clean, but the simple chemical formula H2O can do wonders for your vacuum lines as well.


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