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Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Keep It Simple Stupid. An acronym for a common axiom that can be applied to many things in life including trouble-shooting equipment.

Keep it simple by starting with the simple things. If you are experiencing a functional issue, confirm the unit is on and has power, be that electricity or compressed air.

Almost 30 years ago I was helping a doctor install a patient chair and delivery system (“operatory package”). After spending time getting everything bolted together, connected and ready, the unit did not work. No handpieces, no syringe, nothing. After spending over an hour running through every component, I finally asked “is your compressor on”?

Always start with the simple stuff, often that’s all it is. It also is comparatively quick and easy to do so. Don’t spend the time on complex stuff until you know you need to.

Before digging into the in-depth possibilities, confirm proper supply pressures have been set, power is being applied, and that the rest of the basics are covered. If all of that checks out, then you can move on to more involved possibilities.


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