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How Dry I am

The central vacuum is a crucial component in your dental office and something without which you cannot practice. I am frequently asked about the benefits of dry vs. wet vacuums.

At the most basic level, dry vacuums simply don’t use water. Not only can this save you on water bills, but it also helps the environment as water used to generate suction is contaminated.

Most high-end dry vacuums use a rotary vane system with is often quieter than wet systems and will usually have a little more flexibility in sizing the pipes. Your vacuum lines should always be appropriately sized for your individual central vacuum system, but most dry systems will work with a wider range of sizes.

There are more economical dry systems that use a turbine system as well. These are very loud and have more strict plumbing requirements, but they are very economical.

If building new or replacing an existing vacuum system, there are a lot of options on the market and many dry systems may suit your needs well.

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