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Don't Lose Thousands on USB-connected Equipment

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

There are a number of devices used in the dental office which connect to and are powered by USB ports on your computer. Many of these devices are frequently disconnected and re-connected from your system. Constantly disconnecting and re-connecting can wear your USB ports and connectors. In order to save your expensive equipment, I recommend using USB extension cables at both ends (i.e. one attached to your computer USB port and one attached to your USB device - intra-oral camera, digital sensor, or whatever). The USB connection is often one of the more fragile portions of your equipment. Keeping it constantly connected will reduce wear on this component.

Why risk failure of this simple component? Often damage to the USB connector will render your equipment inoperable and can cost hundreds or even thousands to repair (if it can even be repaired). You can purchase USB extension cables for less than $10. USB extension cables are cheap and easily replaced in seconds should a failure occur.


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