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Behold the Power of the HVE

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

There are a lot of folks more concerned than ever about aerosols, and certainly with good reason. In response there have been a host of new products on the market as well as old products re-package or re-marketed as "aerosol reduction".

One manufacturer in particular is touting their suction valve with a mirror as "reducing aerosols by 90%". This is true. Because it is a HVE valve. The standard 7/16" opening HVE has been scientifically proven to reduce aerosols by 90%-98%. This is in peer-reviewed research.

Hygienists have been concerned about aerosols from ultrasonic scalers for a long time. Here are 3 different articles explaining how effective the basic HVE can be:

The above are just a few articles over the last decade discussing the amazing aerosol reducing capability of the simple HVE. You don't need to spend hundreds or even thousands on fancy gadgets to reduce aerosols, a well-trained assistant with a properly placed HVE will do wonders.


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