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Do You REALLY Need It?

When purchasing new equipment, be mindful of what you need and not just what the rep is trying to convince you to purchase.

Something I see reps push frequently are ceiling mounted operating lights, track lights in particular. Some practitioners feel they offer a more clean look than chair mounted and I have heard it said that it can be a little less intimidating to the patient (I've never seen any actual studies of this, however). There is very little other practical benefit to ceiling mounted lights, however.

The best reason for a track light I've ever heard is a pediatric specialist who used a few in his open bay and mounted them sideways so one light could cover more than one bench. I also sold a bunch many years ago to a dermatologist, he needed to run the entire length of a body with them (and they were less costly than the medical lights he had as an alternative).

Track lights can allow a little more flexibility in tight but it is pretty rare that there is an appreciable difference. What difference can be realized will normally be something in a new build where the rooms are constructed with a track in mind. For the vast majority of offices, it's more gimmick and yet another way to pad the rep's commission. Tracks will usually add 15%-20% and ceiling mounts 10%-15% to the purchase price of the light.

That doesn't mean that if you have a concept incorporating either of these options, you shouldn't run with it. Just be aware of a common "add on" I've seen again and again. As they say in the insurance commercials, only pay for what you need.


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