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Another Tool for the Toolbox

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Whenever working on something, it’s always good to have a frame of reference. I’ve previously posted about the importance of keeping owner’s manuals as sources of information, but when it comes to providing a frame of reference, there’s a handy tool just about everyone has, a cell phone.

NO, you shouldn’t just pick up the phone and call for help (although I encourage my subscribers to call me when they need assistance) but use you phone to take several photos using the high-resolution camera. Take a number of “before” pictures before you start pulling things apart or working on them. This provides a record of how things are “supposed” to look giving you a great reference when it comes time to put everything back together. If you do need to reach out to someone for assistance, then you’ll have photos to send to help illustrate what’s going on and what you need help with.

I love getting photos from subscribers as I can then make notes of what is what directly on the photo without anyone getting thrown off by nomenclature. While dates of manufacture and serial numbers can also help define what specific configuration of a given device one may have, a photo usually makes it crystal clear.

In addition to a record for your reference, your camera can also be a great visual aid. While dentists are certainly familiar with contorting themselves to see details, using your camera to easily (and painlessly) view the underside of a unit or peer into nooks and crannies can be a life (and neck) saver too.

A lot of tools you may need for simple diagnosis and repairs are things you already have, including your phone.


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