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Another Dental Instrument for the Toolbox

I’ve posted a number of times about dental instruments that are good to have in your toolbox. Coincidentally, several dental instruments are helpful when repairing or maintaining your equipment. Another instrument to add to the list is the ball burnisher. It isn’t something that comes up as frequently as an explorer, but a ball burnisher is a great tool for seating o’rings. Often o’rings are located in a small groove in a recessed space that is difficult to reach (like inside the head of a highspeed handpiece). A burnisher is very well suited to pushing o’rings without damaging them. A double-ended burnisher is best, so that you can have one small and one large end in a single instrument.

As with other dental instruments you have in your toolbox, I recommend having one that you keep in your toolbox all the time so that it doesn’t interfere with practicing dentistry. For the toolbox, you can usually get by with a cheaper instrument as well.

Of course, subscribers already know about the uses of this instrument as they've seen it in my complete list of tools for the toolbox.


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